Here you can read about some of the assignments and challenges that we at BPS together with our customers has faced and found solutions for.

WHP, a check valve with water hammer protection


A customer contacted us regarding a problem with water hammers in a newly built pumping station. The working pressure was 0,8 bar, when the pumps stopped an under pressure occured at 0,5 bar and after that an over pressure at 9,2 bar. This process took place in a fraction of a second and the sound can be compared to a car driving into a wall. Due to the rapid process, we could not guarentee that we could solve the problem with our WHP (Water Hammer Protector), but we wanted to make a try.



BPS self-developed check valve, WHP, can handle both the under pressure and the over pressure phase when a water hammer sequenze occurs. When the pump stops, the kenitic energy in the media wants to continue. Under pressure occurs and the vacuum valve will open and fill the system with air. This air pocket will reduce the pressure when compressed, at the over pressure phase. With the help of a bypass on the valve, there is also the possibility for the over pressure to be released past the flap.  



We measured the pressure before and after the installation of the WHP valve. The diagram below shows a clear result. BPS self-developed WHP solved the problem and the water hammer was completely damped in this case.

An installation of WHP check valve can dampen water hammers that can cause major and costly damages on the pipe system, pumps and valves.


BPS – Your partner and problem solver when it comes to water hammers



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Pressure reduction, reduces water loss and pipe breaks.



It is fairly common that uncontrolled water pressure, gives much higher pressure during low demand, especially during nights. This will lead to unnecessary loss of drinking water and will also reduce the life span of the pipe system.



By reducing the high peaks of water pressure, you can save a lot of water losses. With just a pressure drop of 1 bar, a significant reduction of water loss will occur and also increase the life span of the pipe system. A thorough planning and calculation is needed in order to receive an effective pressure reduction over the whole day and night. BPS has the knowledge and we have developed a model for a Pressure Reducing Well which can be customized depending on our customers requirements. 



In recent years, BPS has successfully delivered Pressure Reducing Wells to municipalities and companies.

We are pleased to note that this solution have contributed to a considerably reduction of drinking water losses for our customers. In addition, we have also increased the life span of the pipe systems which results in long-term positive effects on the environment and the economy.

BPS – Your partner and problem solver when it comes to flow technology



What challanges do you face today? Do not hesitate to contact us +46 (0)31-69 74 40.