Swing check valves

BPS 6500

Swing check valve ductile iron, flanged

Swing check valve in ductile iron with a flanged connection, intended for use on water, waste water and media with sludge content. The body has a tilted seat for best tightness at low differential pressures. The valve is equipped with a lifting device which makes it possible to drain the pressure side before service. The flap is reversible and comes with NBR or EPDM rubber (KTW, W270, WRAS). The swing check valve has a low pressure drop and therefore low energy losses. Face-to-face length acc. to EN 558-1 basic series 48. Manufactured and tested acc. to EN 1074-3 and resilient seated acc. to EN 12334.
Body: Ductile iron GGG40, epoxy coated
Flap: NBR
Connection: Flanged
Temp: -10°C - +110°C


Alternative designs

Flap: EPDM


Grouped product items
BPS 6500050 FACE TO FACE 200 DN 50 PN 16
BPS 6500065 FACE TO FACE 240 DN 65 PN 16
BPS 6500080 FACE TO FACE 260 DN 80 PN 16
BPS 6500100 FACE TO FACE 300 DN 100 PN 16
BPS 6500125 FACE TO FACE 350 DN 125 PN 16
BPS 6500150 FACE TO FACE 400 DN 150 PN 16
BPS 6500200 FACE TO FACE 500 DN 200 PN 10
BPS 6500250 FACE TO FACE 600 DN 250 PN 10
BPS 6500300 FACE TO FACE 700 DN 300 PN 10
BPS 6500350 FACE TO FACE 800 DN 350 PN 16
BPS 6500400 FACE TO FACE 900 DN 400 PN 16