BPS is a service oriented company. We strive to deliver that little extra that can be of crucial meaning during the decision making process - When you do business with us, we want you to feel that you have made a good business deal. With our broad knowledge and competence we will consider parameters such as economy, environment, maintenance and operational surroundings when we offer a product to you - But most importantly, a solution that suits your process.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we feel confident that our offer to you will be a solution to rely on.

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Energy savings

We can all contribute to energy efficiency, from the choice of light bulbs to more efficient processes within the industry. There are many products on the market today that perform similar job, but where the difference in energy consumption can be huge.

A collaboration with BPS will help you to a good strategy and product choice. Either how to optimize the capacity in your process, or how to consume less electricity. The chosen product should suit the specific application and work in a safe, sound and sustainable way.

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To act towards a better and more sustainable environment is something that permeates the daily work at BPS. Our focus is a better working environment for you and a sustainable nature for everyone.

We will help you with good preparations, knowledge and product recommendations in order to avoid unhealthy bacteria and viruses as well as to minimize physical exertion. BPS do not only offer effective and useful products, we also promote good health at your workplace.

BPS recommend avoiding insanitary aerosols and to spend as little time as possible in environments that could contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Our jet spray nozzle, jet spray lance and rotating jet spray are example of products that will help you in your daily work and at the same time contribute to a more healthy working environment.

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Water hammer protection

Water hammers causes many problems in a pipe system, and it can be costly both economically and environmentally. Some examples are pipe breakage, damage on valves, pumps, measure equipment, couplings and pipe support.

Water hammers can occur when the flowrate changes, pumps that starts/stops rapidly, valves that opens/closes drastically, air pockets in the pipe system and power failure.

Water hammers shortens the life span of the different parts in the pipe system, which increases your maintenance costs. Whatever cause of the damages and ware-outs, BPS can offer you the right products and especially the correct competence and knowledge to help you avoid water hammers.  

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Workshops and courses in flow technology

BPS offers workshops and theoretical courses in flow technology. We have a general course in flow technology, but we can easily adapt the content to your specific needs and requirements. We strive to increase our customers knowledge.

Are you facing any challenges, or do you have requests for something specific? Please contact us and we will help you find a suitable setup for your company. The trainings and workshops can be held in our office or at a place that you decide. If needed we can also, during current circumstances, perform the training via video link.

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