Profitable and sustainable flow technology

BPS focuses on quick deliveries, which simplify everyday life

With a 12-metre high warehouse and 1250 pallet spaces, BPS offers a wide selection of products and quick deliveries. BPS will be your strategic partner to fulfil your daily business needs and emergency situations.

A number of products that we produce in-house in Gothenburg include our jet spray nozzles and design-patented jet spray lances. These products contribute to a better working environment when cleaning of basins and sewage pumping stations are needed.

One of BPS´ core area of expertise is to reduce water hammers in pipe systems. WHP (Water Hammer Protector) is a self-developed product which specifically addresses problems caused by water hammers in the system. Custom-made wells are examples of other popular products that BPS can provide. We will design and build a well tailored for your specific needs. The well will be ready for installation upon delivery.

With experienced and proficient staff, BPS will guide you as a customer towards the correct product choice, both from a finance and sustainability perspective.

Though our main focus is the Swedish market, we also export goods to countries within the European Union, as well as outside of Europe.


Filled pipes reduce costs and increase operational reliability

When a pipe system’s drop point is lower than the highest point, a siphon is created and the pipe system can risk being emptied at pump stops. Since air is entering the pipe system then, unwanted water hammers can often occur when the pumps are starting again.

To avoid this problem, BPS has developed various solutions. An example is a balanced system which keeps the water pillar in place in the pipe system. With this solution, electrical connection is no longer required, even at challenging locations where electrical connection is hard to defend economically. The entire system is delivered in a custom-made well made of polythene.

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